The Planets are His Flock,

In Job 38, God answers Job. It sure has been long enough, long explanations from his friends and longer times sitting in silence, and finally God speaks up.  But instead of confirming the Job was right, and there was no fault, or the his friends were right and somewhere down deep there was some sin against God, God takes this conversation somewhere else.

“Where were you when…”, “Tell me, if you have understanding…” The rhetorical question puts Job in perspective to how big God is.

God’s relationship with the planets and the seas reflect a relationship like I would imagine a shepherd to his sheep. The one who shows them where to go, the paths they are to take and the territory from which they may eat. The shepherd is the one who closes the door at night and lets them out in the morning. Without the shepherd, sheep would surely die. and without God, all that we call the natural laws, or natural order would also cease to exist.  Are we even able to fathom the extent of His power?



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